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Extruder, generally refers to a type of cable equipment used in the cable industry to extrude particles such as plastic . Extrusion production line also refers to extrusion machine and extrusion production line. It is a production line used in cables. So what are the differences between the two?

The reason why the extruder and extrusion production are compared here is because some customers often confuse the extruder and the extrusion production line when purchasing equipment. The following is hereby made a difference explanation, so that everyone can purchase the equipment correctly.

Extruder, commonly referred to as an extruder, refers to the equipment that mixes and stirs plastic particles during the wire and cable production process, and then extrudes the plastic. It is an indispensable and important component of the wire production process. Under normal circumstances, the extruder we refer to by default refers to plastic extrusion equipment.

Extrusion production line, some manufacturers and customers also call it an extruder. But more often referred to as extrusion machine, or extrusion production line. The extruder here refers to a wire and cable production line. Some manufacturers call it extrusion production line, or extrusion machine for short. Some customers call it an extrusion line, or extruder for short.

For these two statements, the author recommends adding the term production line to the extrusion. If you want to explain to the customer or the purchaser wants to purchase the production line, you should directly indicate the extrusion line. Don't simply call it an extruder. Otherwise, for equipment manufacturers, you are not sure what equipment you are purchasing.

In fact, a more secure way of saying it is to unify it. Extrusion production lines are collectively referred to as extrusion machines, or extrusion production lines. Stop calling it an extrusion line. This basically avoids the confusion of the equipment. But after all, there is a process of name and adaptation. It just means that we need to more clearly distinguish and know the difference between these two devices.