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Dongguan Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd.Professional Manufacturer Of High-end Wire And Cable Equipment

Dongguan Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in China wire and cable equipment manufacturing base -- Dongguan Humen, the company covers an area of about 5000 square meters, has 35 employees, is a high-end wire and cable equipment professional manufacturer, the company's main products are various high-end wire high-speed extruder, high-end intelligent silicone wire extruder, high-end Teflon wire extruder, Medium and high-end rubber wire extruder, medium and high-end self-shaking disc envelope extrusion line, high-end military blasting line extruder, medium and high-end electronic detonator line extruder, high-end three-layer edge extruder and other special material extruder and other new material wire and cable extruder professional manufacturing, In addition, our company also produces high performance winch machine, high speed cantilever single winch machine, silicone coated oil machine and other high quality cable equipment.

At present, our company's extrusion machine production capacity of about 300 sets/year, extrusion machine production and sales are in the forefront of China, is the most specialized in the design and manufacturing of various extrusion machine medium and large extrusion machine physical factory. The company has a medium-sized sheet metal factory, a medium and large extrusion machine manufacturing factory, all extrusion machine frame forming and parts processing are mechanized CNC precision completion, large precision laser cutting machine, large precision bending and shearing machine, high-end precision CNC lathe processing equipment and new technology application, the process of equipment is more fine, equipment innovation performance is better, Equipment failure rate and maintenance rate in the industry is lower, equipment and accessories standardized mass production delivery time is shorter, after-sales service response time is faster and more timely, in the customer base and supplier group have a good mouth and reputation, the company's performance is rapid and stable growth every year, customer stickery is strong, many new and old customers. In recent years, our company has sold equipment to BYD, Gree, Jiangxi Boshuo (Lishun precision Jiangxi factory), Huashang Cable, Delxi Group, Guilin International Cable Group, Jintaike, Baote (Japanese), Zhongcable Group and other large listed companies and foreign large enterprises; About 30% of the company's equipment is exported to overseas countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

In recent years, our company has been in accordance with the ISO management system standardized management, the implementation of 6S normal management, the company has always adhered to the "integrity and win-win, technological innovation, excellence" business philosophy, and continue to customize and develop better performance and quality cable equipment for new and old customers, welcome new and old domestic customers, foreign merchants to visit our company, negotiate and cooperate! Wish our cooperation successful and happy, win-win cooperation, create a better tomorrow of cable business!

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