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1. High-speed cantilever single twisterPreparation before starting

(1) Check whether the semi-finished products, process documents, tooling, and equipment are complete and easy to use according to the production tasks.

(2) Check the shift record, whether there is any equipment accident record. Check the rotating parts of the machine. Whether the fasteners are loose or fall off. Add oil to the lubricated parts. The water in the oil-water separator is drained clean, and the oil level in the oil cup must not be lower than 1/3.

(3) When installing the bobbin, the top should be tightened, the cap should be tightened, and the bumper should be pulled down.

(4) Adjust the pressure of each valve, brake tension, take-up brake, take-up tension to reach the appropriate pressure.

(5) Check whether the mopping floor is reset and whether the protective door is closed.

2. Start-up production of high-speed cantilever single twister

(1) Turn on the power of the host, set the host, the direction of the package, and the set length.

(2) Disconnect linkage and connect single action. Adjust the speed of the host and Baotou to the minimum. Turn on the host first, then the strapping machine, adjust the speed and tension of the strapping, so that the strapping pitch and appearance meet the requirements.

(3) Disconnect the single action, connect the linkage, the host speeds up and enters normal production.

(4) During the production process, operators must stick to their posts, must not leave their posts, and must not allow non-operators to operate the equipment.

(5) During the production process, the operator should keep abreast of the temperature, noise, vibration, etc. of the machine. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection and remove the fault. If the operator cannot solve it, please ask a professional maintenance worker to solve it.

3. High-speed cantilever single twister parking and cleaning

(1) First carefully adjust the speed control button to the minimum, press the stop button, and turn off the power.

(2) Fill in the shift record carefully.

(3) Wipe the equipment to keep the inside and outside of the machine clean, clean and free of debris.

(4) Tooling measuring tools and semi-finished products are neatly arranged.

(5) Clean up within 3 m of the equipment.

4. Safety operating regulations for high-speed cantilever single twister

(1) After the power is turned on, the operation can be performed only after the indicators show normal.

(2) Prevent crushing and crushing when loading and unloading the disk.

(3) The equipment is not allowed to press an emergency stop when it is rotating, (except in emergency situations)

(4) The protective photo of the equipment must be closed before the equipment can be operated.

(5) The alarm bell must be pressed before starting up to inform the crew to prepare for driving

(6) When leaving the equipment, the operator must stop the machine before leaving.