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1. Scratch on the surface of the cable: If the eye mold is scratched, replace the eye mold in time.

(1) Find out the problem in time due to scratches such as the thread guide wheel and the wire storage rack, and adjust it immediately to solve it

(2) Slag accumulation on the outer eye can also cause scratches. Fundamentally, the material should be replaced. Secondly, by increasing the extrusion temperature, replacing the outer mold with a slightly smaller aperture (no corridor section) can solve the problem of slag accumulation on the outer eye. The problem of scratching

2, the extruded plastic is burnt

Plastic scorch is a common quality defect in the plastic extrusion process. It should be noted that the temperature is extremely high; there is a large amount of smoke and strong irritating smell in the die mouth of the machine head, and there is a cracking sound in severe cases; the extruded plastic layer has Coke particles; continuous bubbles at the glue joint; the main reasons for the injection are:

(1) The temperature is controlled to be as high as the thermal degradation temperature of the plastic;

(2) The screw has not been cleaned for a long time, and the accumulated scorch is extruded with the molten plastic;

(3) The heating or shutdown time is too long, and the plastic in the barrel will be decomposed by heating for a long time;

(4) The temperature control instrument is out of control or inaccurate, causing high temperature decomposition;

(5) The cooling system of the extruder is not turned on, causing the material to be overheated by shear friction.

Therefore, during the production process of the extruder, check whether the heating and cooling systems are working properly; the temperature setting of the extruder should be Determined according to process requirements and screw speed; reasonably control the heating time, and regularly clean the extrusion system.

3. Uneven outer diameter: improper control by man, pay attention to the abnormal acceleration and deceleration, the tension of the pay-off frame, the tension of the wire, the abnormality of the measuring tool, etc.