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Twisting machine Purpose

Widely used in the stranding of various soft/hard conductor wires (copper wire, enameled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wires, such as power cords, telephone wires, audio wires, Video cable, car cable, network cable, etc. Twist multiple single conductors into one strand to meet the wire process requirements.


1. It is strictly forbidden to open the cover during the normal operation of the machine.

2. Do not make knots when wiring. (Use cotton thread to socket, pay attention to socket direction)

3. The number of knots and the number of knots should be indicated on the label when lowering the shaft to facilitate the next process operation.

4. For non-emergency parking, do not press the red emergency stop button.

5. Turn off the power after shutdown.

6. When wrapping aluminum foil, the core wire must be completely wrapped by aluminum foil. Usually, the overlap rate of aluminum foil is 27%-30%, and the overlap width is 2-4mm (for special models, refer to the specific requirements of the wire bond card).

7. The tension of the aluminum foil should be appropriate. If the tension is too large, the aluminum foil is easy to break, and if the tension is too small, the core wire will not be tight and will slip.

8. The aluminum foil cannot be wrapped upside down, and the conductive surface (white bright surface, tested with a multimeter for conduction) must cover the core wire and the ground wire.

9. The ground wire cannot be wrapped in the middle of the core wire. It should be wound around the side of the entire core wire to contact the conductive surface of the aluminum foil.

10. If an abnormality is found in production and cannot be solved by itself, the machine should be shut down immediately and reported to the foreman or technician for handling.

11. When installing the threaded eye mold, pay attention to the size of the stranded core wire not to be too tight when passing through it. To prevent the core wire from being scratched.

12. The tension should be adjusted properly (when it is too tight), it will cause the inner core wire to stretch when the outer jacket is intact.