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The heating and cooling system of the extruder is to ensure the normal operation of the extruder and maintain a stable process temperature of the extruder. The heating of the barrel in the extruder is to heat the barrel to a certain temperature, and the cooling is to reduce the temperature of the high-temperature barrel. In the process of extruding plastics by the extruder, there are heating and cooling devices on the barrel that work alternately, so that the temperature of the barrel is kept constant within a process temperature range required for plasticization of the extruder, ensuring the normal extrusion and molding production of the extruder Went smoothly. The melting of plastic mainly depends on the heat conduction of the barrel, so the extruder must have enough heating device power. The heating method of the barrel can be resistance heating, electric induction heating or heating with a heating medium. The heating control has position control and proportional control. Position control is relatively simple, it is on-off control, always full power heating or cut off, temperature fluctuations are large. The proportional control automatically selects the heating power according to the difference between the actual temperature and the set temperature, so the thermal inertia is relatively small and the temperature fluctuation is small.

The cooling method of the barrel can be air-cooled and water-cooled. The air-cooling method is to use an electric fan to blow the parts of the barrel that need to be cooled, so that the cold air takes away some of the heat from the barrel to achieve the purpose of cooling the barrel. The characteristic of the air-cooled barrel is the slow cooling speed of the barrel. The barrel adopts circulating water to cool down the temperature faster, but it is easy to scale and block after long-term use. Therefore, if you want to use water cooling, you should choose treated demineralized water.