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For wire and cable companies, purchasing cable equipment is an indispensable and important task. Among them, the extruder equipment is a heavy-duty wire and cable equipment. So what aspects should enterprises pay attention to when purchasing extrusion machines?

1. Select by output

Before determining the quantity of equipment, it is necessary to estimate the output that the company needs for the equipment within a certain period of development. Then the number of extruder equipment is determined according to the output required for each month. Therefore, cable companies should make a budget when they realize how much monthly output they need to achieve. Then according to the output, let the equipment manufacturer determine the number of equipment.

2. Select by function

Because the extruder is a production line composed of a series of equipment such as a pay-off rack, an extruder, a sink, and a take-off machine. Therefore, in the selection of component equipment, relevant companies can choose according to actual conditions. For example, if some companies need to produce national standard cables, they need to include printers, diameter gauges, spark testers and other equipment. If you need to complete the production to complete the tying, you also need to be equipped with equipment such as a loop forming machine. But for some small businesses, if you want to reduce costs, you can omit equipment such as diameter gauges and spark machines. But the cables made are worse. Therefore, for cable companies, they need their own market positioning to choose.

3. Choose by price

Because there are many manufacturers of cable equipment, it is difficult to make a selection for the numerous equipment quotations. Therefore, cable companies can choose according to their company's financial strength. For large enterprises, the equipment price will be higher. For some manufacturers whose equipment requirements are not very high, you can consider the quotations of small and medium-sized manufacturers.

4. Choose by service

For cable equipment, after-sales service is a key point. As a cable company, not only must consider the price before buying, but also the later equipment maintenance, service and other items. Therefore, it is not just cheap for a while, but to choose a reliable cable equipment company.