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Extruder, also known as extruder, is a kind of machine mainly used for power cord, power cable, coaxial cable, communication Cables, transmission cables, BV-type civil cables, electronic cables, computer cables, construction cables, data communication cables, radio frequency cables, HDMI data cables, various high-temperature silicone cables, Teflon, coaxial cables, network cables, optical fibers, leather Wires extruded from the core wires of wires and cables such as optical cables

Cable equipment.

According to different specifications and requirements of extruded cables, extruders can generally be divided into electronic core wire extruders, power cord extruders, power cable extruders, physical foam cable extruders, civil building wiring extruders, and nylon guards. Sleeve extruder, low-smoke and halogen-free wire extruder, chemical foam cable extruder, silicone vulcanization extruder, rubber vulcanization extruder, Teflon high temperature wire extruder, ultra-fine wire coaxial wire extruder, digital communication network cable Extrusion machine, TV optical fiber secondary coating extrusion machine, TV optical fiber cable extrusion machine, leather cable and city optical cable extrusion machine, etc.

Power cord, power cable extrusion machine

Power cord power cable extruder is mainly used for the extrusion of power cords, insulation sleeves, power cables and other wires. It is mainly composed of wire racks, power groups, power cable extruders, main control cabinets, cooling water tanks, Traction machine, spark machine, wire take-up machine and printer, diameter measuring instrument, PLC control, double-track traction and various specifications of shaftless wire take-up machine.

Physical foaming cable extrusion machine

The physical foaming cable extrusion machine is mainly used for the extrusion of various types of low-loss cable cores such as coaxial, communication, and transmission lines. Such as IEEE 1394, CATSE, CAT6, DVI, ATA, UL2919 and other core wires, physical foaming or solid extrusion, physical foaming cable extrusion machine.

Civil building wiring, nylon sleeve extrusion machine

This extruder is mainly used in various types of BV, BVR, BVN, RV, nylon sleeves, low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant environmental protection building wiring, equipped with advanced and high-quality special twist-free head, which meets the precision extrusion process skills requirement.

Low-smoke halogen-free wire extrusion machine

This extruder is suitable for the extrusion of various low-smoke and halogen-free electronic wires, computer wires, construction wires, data communication wires and other wires.

Chemical foaming cable extrusion machine

Suitable for all kinds of communication, data, coaxial, radio frequency, RG, JIS, HDMI and other foam core wires or solid core extrusion.

Silicone cable extrusion machine

Suitable for the extrusion production of all kinds of high temperature silicone cables and high temperature casings.

Teflon high temperature line extrusion machine

Suitable for multi-layer extrusion of Teflon heat-resistant wires, sleeves and thin-skin insulation, and local data core wire extrusion.

Digital communication network cable extrusion machine

This extruder is suitable for the production of digital network communication cables CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6A, and CAT7.