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CylinderWinding machine

Cylinder winding packaging machine refers to the rotation of the turntable to drive the overall rotation of the cylindrical goods, while the two power rollers on the turntable drive the rotation of the cylindrical goods, thereby realizing the fully enclosed winding and wrapping of the goods equipment. Cylinder winding packaging machine includes two series of axial winding machine and radial winding machine.

Tray winding machine

The rotation of the turntable drives the rotation of the pallet goods.

Ring body winding machine

Ring body wrapping packaging machine refers to a device that wraps and wraps the ring body part of the ring cargo through a film feeding (tape feeding) device that runs around a circular orbit. The ring winding packaging machine is a novel winding packaging machine specially designed and manufactured for steel belts and other metal ring objects (such as bearings, steel belts, steel wires, steel rings, aluminum belts, etc.).

Cantilever winding machine

Cantilever type winding packaging machine refers to the equipment that can rotate around the goods through a rotatable cantilever, and then realize the equipment to wrap the goods. It is mainly suitable for the wrapping of lighter, taller and unstable products or heavier goods after stacking. The cantilever winding machine has a flexible installation method, which can be installed on the wall or fixed with a bracket.

Tray-free winding machine

The pallet-free winding packaging machine is specially designed for single-piece packaging items with small volume and no pallets. It is a supplementary product of the TP pallet winding machine. It is especially suitable for packing a single carton or goods of different shapes and specifications together. And the six-sided wrapping can be realized by manually inverting 90 degrees. At this stage, it has been widely used in foreign trade, clothing, yarn, food and other industries.

Horizontal winding machine

Horizontal winding packaging machine refers to the rotating arm system around the horizontal and uniform speed of the goods, while the stretching mechanism adjusts the tension of the packaging material to pack the object into a tight whole and form it on the surface of the object Spiral regular packaging equipment. It is widely used in industries such as plastic profiles, aluminum materials, plates, pipes, and dyed fabrics.

Luggage wrapping machine

Specially designed for airport packing of luggage, etc. Play a protective role in the process of luggage transportation to prevent damage, replacement, etc. The equipment can be moved, and the operator puts the luggage on the turntable and adjusts the position of the vertical bar according to the size of the luggage. Then press the start button on the operation panel, and the equipment will automatically pack, usually 3-5 layers of luggage.

Automatic film winding machine

Using the microcomputer control core, it can carry out various process requirements for wrapping and packaging operations on the packaging and automatically break the film. The film wrapping machine has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, and can work under high dust, high noise, and strong electromagnetic interference. It can work normally in an environment with drastic temperature changes, and has the characteristics of simple operation. The main electrical components of the film wrapping machine adopt imported brand-name products, and the control PLC adopts imported wrapping machine accessories, so the program will never be lost. Automatic film winding machine has the lowest price and the most favorable price, and the strength and quality are guaranteed.